Free Paid Surveys

Free paid surveys are really the only type of legitimate paid survey. There are many sites out there that claim you will make lots of money taking surveys and then, for the privelege of joining, they charge you money. Does that make sense? They are supposed to pay you for your opinion, not the other way around, right?

The real sites are the ones offering free membership for anyone that wants to sign up to give their opinions about companies and their products. You should never have to pay to get paid. So, when you are considering whether to join a new survey website, look for sites that say they are free to join and run from any sites that are trying to sell you something or any sites that ask for your payment information.

In fact, some of the best free paid survey sites on the web, actually offer you incentives for joining, like a $5 sign-up bonus or other bonus credit. If you sign up for lots of free paid survey sites and take surveys regularly, you can make some extra cash easily.